The Craftsman was opened on the 13th of May 2015 under the porches of the breathtaking Piazza Fontanesi. This 35 square meter gem at the fringes of the historic centre of Reggio Emilia is renowned for its accurate selection of products, which includes distillates, spirits and good wines. A warm, cosy environment, crafted to perfection. 

The selection of drinks curated by the highly experienced bartenders are inspired by classic cocktails. The seasonal menu, which is changed twice a year, is strictly based on local and sustainable produce.

During the winter season, The Craftsman presents its distinguished event “Guest Series”, where national and international guests can showcase their talent behind the bar.

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is a true experience for cocktails lovers, perfect to discover new ideas and loosen up into a variety of new flavours.

Bartenders from all over the planet fly straight to The Craftsman to present their most famous creations, made into a menu specifically crafted for this event.

15.03.17 - Jad Ballout & Jul…

22.02.17 - Nikos Bakoulis P…

08.02.17 - Katalin Bene Par…

25.01.17 - Gabriele Manfredi…

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Mon-Tue (closed)
Wed (18.00 – 01.00)
Thu (18.00 – 00.00)
Fri-Sat (18.00 – 02.00)
Sun (18.00 -00)

Via A. Fontanesi 11/A
42021 Reggio Emilia

+39 0522 580136


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